The Sun Prairie Tech Team exists to glorify God by providing quality audio and video production of all elements of the worship service.   The tech team is made up of volunteers who are willing to learn what is involved in providing quality sound and video production.
Positions include:
♦ Audio Tech
♦ Video Projection Tech
♦ Video Recording Tech


Anyone of high school age or older is encouraged to contact Dave G if interested in volunteering.

 Teach Team Schedule 2014


First Sunday          Jim O
Second Sunday    Dave G
Third Sunday         Jeff A
Fourth Sunday      Tim A
Fifth Sunday
♦ March                Dave G
♦ June                   Tim A
♦ August               Jeff A
♦ November        Jim O

Video Projection

First Sunday          Eric A
Second Sunday    Richard W
Third Sunday         Zach A
Fourth Sunday      Dave G
Fifth Sunday
♦ March                Richard W
♦ June                   Dave G
♦ August               Zach A
♦ November        Eric A

All video editing and youtube uploads are performed by Dee D